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Welcome to our ever expanding

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If you have some good Chili recipes, please send them to me to include here.

Chili, or chili con carne, with its grand Texas heritage and widespread popularity, is a wonderful choice for a wintertime meal, and it's a great meal for large gatherings and parties. Texans will be quick to tell you it's not chili if it has beans, so you might want to call it chili with beans if you add them.

Sunrise Texas Chili

Outback Chili

Parolee Chili

Classic Fiery Chili

Sultry No-Meat Chili

Backdraft Chili

Been Out of the Woods Too Long Chili

Behind the Eight Bean Chili

Black Bear Chili

Chili The Geezer Way

Chuck Wagon Chili

Feel the Heat Chili

Italian Chili

Mellow Chili

Now That's Chili

Ozark Mountain Chili

Ozark Winter Chili

Patrol Chili

Roast Pork and Black Bean Chili

Inch and a Half Hose Chili

Venison Chili

Wild Card Chili

Arnold's "Old Leatherthroat" Chili Con Carne

Chasen's Famous Chili

Dry Creek "Buzzsaw" Chili

Pedernales River Chili

Chili H. Allen Smith

Texas Red Chili Con Carne

Texas Road-Kill Chili

Tolbert's Original Bowl of Red

Tulsa Cowboy's Two Alarm Okie Doakie Chili

5-R Chili

A Big Bowl of Red Meatless Chili

A Bowl o' Red

A Bowl of Red

A Bowl of Red 2

A Bowl of Red 3

A Chili Recipe for the Cold Days Ahead

A Fart Ripping, Shit Sticking, Bowel Moving Kick Ass Chili

A Red Chili Nightmare

A Very Tasty Chili

Colorado Chili

Four Bean Chili

Zesty Black and White Bean Chili

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