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December 2009

Golden Chili Cookoff was cancelled.  However, we went out to the Local Mead Chili Cookoff and poked around.  We were too busy with the parades in Berthod and Mead to compete.  but just to make it up, we whipped up a batch at home just for eatin.
mmmmmmmm good!
Happy Holidays to all our friends.

November 2009

Heading out in a couple of Days.  Heading down to Terlingua TX for the 43rd Annual Terlingua International Chili Championship (TICC). 

October 2009

Started the New Chili Year off right with a 1st Place Green, 1st Place Show and 5th Place Red at the Sundance Chili Cookoff

August 2009

Went down to Red River NM for the NM State Green Chili Championship
and WON!  Took 2nd in Showmanship and 3rd in Red.  Great Weekend

July 2009

Took the Nebraska State Green Title for the 6th year in a row!  took 7th in Red Chili

June 2009

Busy Month! -
Cant Believe it! Colorado State Champion 2 years in a row!!  Red and Green.  Again this is always a great cookoff.  Katie took 2nd in Jr. Red.  Weather was a bit wet on Friday, but come Saturday, clear and beautiful.
Chugwater is always a great cookoff - although we lost our green championship, we picked up 3rd in Red which qualified us for Terlingua to Cook.  Katie took 2nd in Jr. Red and 1st in Jr. Green.  Steve took 5th in Green
Peppers on the Plaza was a wonderful event.  I hope that they continue to gain support for this event for next year.  The organizers ensure me that they will have it.  We took 1st in Green,  2nd in Showmanship (which qualified us for Terlingua) and 3rd in Red
Just got back from Tombstone AZ for Wyatt Earp Days - made final table in Red - but no points.
We did however take first in Showmanship.  Great event - we were setup right in front of the OK Corral.
Next up Peppers on the Plaza in Cheyenne WY.  this is a first year cookoff for this event but the organizers seem to have it all together.  yours truly is the head judge.  But it should be a good time anyway!

May 2009

What a great cookoff Wyatt Earp Days was.  We were setup right in front of the OK Corral!  Made final table in Chili and took First in Showmanship!
                                                                       See ya on the Chili Trail
                                                                                 Warriors of the Crimson Pepper.
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