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Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery of

the Warriors of

              the Crimson Pepper



Here is are adventures caught on film - or digitally - which ever the case may be....

2003 Chili Year   

 2004 Chili Year  

  2005 Chili Year

   2006 Chili Year

    2007 Chili Year

      2008 Chili Year

         2009 Chili Year




:: Did You Know ::
Portrait of Claudia Taylor (Lady Bird) Johnson Mrs. Lady Bird Johnson had "chili pangs" for President Lyndon Johnson's, 36th President of the United States, "Pedernales River Chili" and had cards printed with the LBJ chili recipe. "It has been almost as popular as the government pamphlet on the care and feeding of children."

:: Chili Trivia::
It is said that Will Rogers judge a town by the quality of its chili. He sampled chili in hundreds of towns, especially in Texas and Oklahoma and kept a box score. He concluded that the finest chili (in his judgment), was from a small cafe in Coleman, Texas

:: More Trivia ::
Portrait of Anna Eleanor Roosevelt Eleanor Roosevelt (1894-1962) wife of the 32nd President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, sought the Chasen's Chili recipe but was refused it (a complimentary order was dispatched to her instead).

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