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Hot Time Chili Cookoff '04

  5th Annual Hot Time

  Chili Cookoff



Saturday, May 29th, 2004 - Cripple Creek Colorado

1st Place Booth, 8th Place Green, 8th Place Red

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1st place Booth Decoration this day...


Day #1 - 5th Annual Hot Time Chili Cook off  - 1st Place Booth - 8th Place Green - 8th Place Red

Lets start with Saturday at the Hot Time Chili Cook-off.  We had 51 cooks this day.  Mother nature provided a bit of excitement during the day, and  all weekend for that matter.  Gusting wind from the south pounded our booth during the day.  Tents were even being lifted up into the air.  However the Warriors of the Crimson Pepper prevailed with a First Place Booth Award! 

1st Steve Lee - Warriors of the Crimson Pepper

SALSA                                                CHILI VERDE                               ICS RED
3rd Steffi Smith                                3rd  Steffi Smith                           3rd  Bonnie Tomasek
2nd  Megan Murphy                       2nd  Nick Knutson                      2nd  Steffi Smith
1st  Lynn Pruitt                                1st  Greg Virant                            1st  Nick Knutson


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