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Chili Ole' '04

  17th Annual Chili Ole'

 Chili Cookoff



Sunday, May 30, 2004 - Cripple Creek Colorado

7th Place Chili Verde

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Day 2 of the Triple in Cripple - more wind different direction


Day #2 - 17th Annual Chili Ole' Chili Cook off - 7th Place Green - Don't want to talk about Red

The second day was the Chili Ole' Cook-off.  This day brought the wind from the North.  Again we had booths being flung into the air and generally tossed about.  We had excitement of the flaming kind when Steve Tomasek's stove caught on fire.  Fortunately due to the quick thinking of the folks across the way, no damage was done and nobody hurt, on top of that Steve and Bonnie took 1st Place for Red and Green this day!

George Lott - Pueblo Chernobyl Chili

SALSA                                                 CHILI VERDE                                  ICS RED
3rd  Robert Romero                         3rd  Paul Cordova                         4th  Paul Whitney
2nd  Loretta Logsdon                     2nd  Megan Murphy                      3rd  Sharon Marcen
1st Mick Joplin  MT                          1st  Steve Tomasek                      2nd  Kathy LeGear

1st  Bonnie Tomasek


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