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18th Annual Sundance Music Festival and Chili Cookoff



1st Place Green - 1st Place Showmanship

1st Place Wings - 1st Place Red

3rd Place Red


The 18th Annual Sundance Music Festival and Chili Cookoff again maintained its tradition of excellence with both food and Music! This is truly a fun day of cooking, music, dancing; craft show vendors and raffles with a HUGE crowd enjoying the beautiful fall weather in Northern Colorado. It started with a brief shower which made it perfect for cooking chili. There was an enthusiastic crowd to the support both the Cookoff and Craft Fair. Not only were they treated to a lot of excellent chili but they got to hear many talented local musicians who entertained all day. In addition to Red Chili, Hot Wings and an Open category were also offered up. As the cooks tasty chilies and hot wings heated up so did the weather. Soon the jackets and sweaters gave way to tank tops and tee shirts and everyone began to soak up the sunshine and the freshness of a beautiful fall day. The emcee kept activities on-stage moving along nicely and the cooks enjoyed the camaraderie of fellow cooks and spectators as they served up their samples of red, green and hot wings.

  Even though this years event was not a sanctioned CASI cookoff, a big "Thank You" goes out to the members of the Colorado Chili Pod who, despite a Home Bronco's game still came out to support one of our annual events.






  CASI Red              
1 Steve Lee Longmont CO   6 Christi Batie Loveland CO
2 Lyman Wilkinson Loveland CO   7 Stan Ulrich Fort Collins CO
3 Stephanie Lee Longmont CO   8 Robert Batie Loveland CO
4 Linda Wilkinson Loveland CO   9 Kathy Lynch Fort Collins CO
5 Paul Michaud Fort Collins CO   10 Karen Hendricks Broomfield CO
1 Warriors of the Crimson Pepper Steve Lee Longmont CO        
1 Steve Lee Longmont CO          
2 Josh Kukos Loveland CO          
3 Greg Bryner Fort Collins CO          
1 Steve Lee Longmont CO          
2 Steve Lanning Greeley CO          
3 Christi Batie Loveland CO          
  People's Choice              
1 Greg Bryner Fort Collins CO          


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