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Mountain States Chili Cookoff '04


1st Place Red

1st Place Chili Verde

1st Place Showmanship

With the threat of rain for this event all week, we were pleasantly surprised when at the last minute Mother Nature decided to give us a break and a picture perfect day.  With good representation from Wyoming and Colorado the cookoff proceeded without a hitch.  The Bargain Auction that was in conjunction with the cookoff kept the event hopping the entire time.  A few cooks went home with truckloads of "bargains" to boot.  The Longmont Jaycees were a big help, selling tickets, Judging, and in general, helping out.  The staff at the Children's Home would like to have us back next year to hold the event again.  It seems that a lot of people that came out for the cookoff, ended up at the auction instead.  So even though we did not see a large turnout at the cookoff itself, the event was a great success!  Thank you to all who participated, planned, volunteered, sponsored, got up early - and oh yes- cooked. 

                                                                                    Thank you all.



1 Warriors of the Crimson Pepper Steve Lee Longmont Colorado
2 The Chili Hut Duane Minear Cheyenne Wyoming
3 Flaming Rojo Sherdon Denny Boulder Colorado
CASI Red                
1 Steven Lee Longmont Colorado 6 Karen Hendricks Broomfield Colorado
2 Robert Batie Loveland Colorado 7 Sherdon Denny Boulder Colorado
3 Christi Batie Loveland Colorado 8 Bob Ledet Cheyenne Wyoming
4 Lyman Wilkinson Lovelnad Colorado 9 Laurie Lee Longmont Colorado
5 Linda Wilkinson Loveland Colorado 10 Tom Parish Cheyenne Wyoming
Chili Verde      
1 Steven Lee Longmont Colorado
2 Robert Batie Loveland Colorado
3 Sherdon Denny Boulder Colorado
4 Janet Minear Cheyenne Wyoming
5 Bob Ledet Cheyenne Wyoming


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