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23rd Annual Nebraska State Chili Cookoff

23rd Annual Nebraska State

Chili Cookoff

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gering, Nebraska


7th Place Red Chili

1st Place Green Chili (Steve )


 The largest and oldest running event in western Nebraska promised to be a great one when mild temperatures drew record crowds for this 22nd annual event.  Cooks from Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Texas, and Arizona gathered to cook up some chili, and to “chow down” on some breakfast burritos served up by Pepe’s Pod’s Great Pepper himself, Kyle Haberman.  This is a tradition that the cooks really enjoy! 

Soon the fires were lit and the smells of spices were drifting through the air.  Man and beast alike were putting their nose skyward to see if they could recognize what the wonderful aroma was and of course, where it was coming from! 

The senses of the crowd were further appeased when the music started and showmanship got underway, further delighting the crowd as it wandered through the cookoff, eager to start the tasting process.  There was electricity in the air as the cooks made their way towards the stage, to turn in their creations.  The crowd knew that soon it would be feasting on Red and Green Chili closely followed by Open Bean and Open Beef categories.  

Soon the crowd was coursing through the cookoff site trying to find that one chili that was unsurpassed.  Everybody had their favorite, but everyone agreed that all of the cooks were winners.

With their bellies full and their minds made up, the crowd settled down to see if the judges agreed with them as to which chili was the best.

Photos Coming Soon!





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