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Daily Times Call - June 25th, 2005




Good News     Saturday June 25, 2005


      Steve Lee of Longmont is the Wyoming state champion chili cook.  On June 18, Lee participated in the 20th annual Wyoming State Championship Chili Cookoff in Chugwater, Wyo.  The Chugwater Chili Cookoff has become known for attracting cooks from all over the world for the coveted title.  Competing against some of the best chili cooks in the world, Lee took home the title of Wyoming state champion for green chili and his team, The Warriors of the Crimson Pepper, took home first place in the showmanship competition.

     Lee finished 19th, out of 430 cooks, in the world finals held in Terlingua, Texas, last November.  Additionally, he finished third in the red chili competition.  He currently holds the Nebraska state title for green chili and the Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming Titles for Showmanship.


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