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ICS 1969 & 1971

C.V. Wood Jr.

Third & Fifth Annual

World's Championship

1969 & 1971


History will show that this was a very important year for the World's Championship Chili Cookoffs. C.V. Wood, Jr., the man who built Disneyland for Walt Disney, brought the London Bridge to Lake Havasu, an ex-Texan from Amarillo, then living in Beverly Hills, threw his pot in the competition. Wick Fowler, representing Texas, and Joe DeFrates, the Illinois champion, were soundly defeated by the man who would call himself the "UndeFeeted UndeniaBull World's Champion". C.V. Wood, Jr. known as "Woody" captured the World's Championship with the flair of Cecil B. DeMille. Woody started what is now known at all chili cookoffs, as "showmanship". He had a large rooting section, t-shirts with his name on them, a monstrous spice chest, a couple of Hollywood starlets as assistants and an electronic chili gauge. This device had knobs for altitude, temperature and humidity. When the two probes were placed in Woody's chili it registered "EXCELLENT," setting off a siren. We had our first winner! But more important, a team that would play an important role in the future of Chili Cookoffs...... Carroll Shelby and C.V. Wood, Jr.


1 3-pound stewing chicken, cut into pieces
1 quarts water
OR 10-ounce cans chicken broth s
pound beef suet
OR cup Wesson oil
4 lbs flank steak
5 lbs thin, center-cut pork shops
6 long green chilies, peeled
2 TSP sugar
3 TSP ground oregano
3 TSP ground cumin
TSP MSG (optional)
3 TSP pepper
4 TSP salt
5 TBS Gebhardt chili powder
1 TSP cilantro, also known as Chinese parsley
1 TSP thyme
8 ounces Budweiser beer
4 15-ounce cans Hunts Tomatoes
cup celery, finely chopped
2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
3 medium onions, cut into inch pieces
2 green peppers, cut into 3/8 inch pieces
1 pound Jack cheese, grated
1 lime -- Dash of Tabasco sauce


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