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Peppers on the Plaza CCO

Peppers on the Plaza

 Chili Cookoff

Sunday, June 14, 2009 Cheyenne WY


1st Place Green Chili

3rd Place Red Chili - 2nd Place Showmanship

The Warriors of the Crimson Pepper rose to the occasion for this event and did not disappoint.  This was a fantastic first year cookoff - with many more years ahead of it.

There were plenty of cooks on hand for the cooks party the night before.   As dawn broke and the sun climbed into the sky, the chili cooks donned their ceremonial garb and prepared to do battle.

This is a great cookoff to attend if only to see old friends and cooks that don't always make it down to the Colorado events.  Additionally, there is always a good abundance of Music, Beer, Vendors etc...etc..  Temperatures were in the high 80's, so most of the hungry attendees were hot...inside and out.

The judges all agreed that this was the best tasting batch of chili's that this event had ever seen!  That's saying a lot.  They also all agreed that these were some of the hottest chili's that that they had ever tasted.  With two preliminary rounds for Red and two for Green the judges may have worked as hard as the cooks!.

With long lines at every cook's tent the attending public got a taste of some of the best chili in the world.  A bit of a rain shower towards the end of the day cooled off some of the folks, but did not dissipate the crowd.  Most of them held out to see which chili cook would prevail.

When it was all over the Warriors of the Crimson Pepper walked away with 3 awards.

All in all, a great day for the team!




For a slideshow of this wonderful event, press on the button below

Event Photos



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