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Old World CCO


Saturday September 23, 2006

Scottsbluff, Nebraska


2nd Place Red and 4th Place Red

2nd Place Open, 1st Place Showmanship


The Chili Gods were certainly not with us on this First annual event in Scottsbluff Nebraska.  Although we had enough cooks to make it a sanctioned cookoff, the public and number of cooks was still down due to the weather forecasts that predicted rain, rain, high winds, and more rain.  Diehard cooks arriving early in the AM were ready for whatever happened.  We did have some rain but mostly wind.  With true dedication cooks from 3 states cooked their hearts out and had fun.  Maybe next year the weather will give us a break and this could be a great cookoff!



For a slideshow of this wonderful event, press on the button below

Event Photos




And the Winners Are.....



1.         Linda Wilkinson              Loveland, CO

2.         Steve Lee                    Longmont, CO

3.         Kyle Haberman              Scottsbluff, NE

4.         Stephanie Lee               Morrison, CO

5.         Robert Batie                  Loveland, CO

6.         Norm Haberman              Mitchell, NE

7.         Lyman Wilkinson             Loveland, CO

8.         Christi Batie                   Loveland, CO

9.         Mike Bernhart                 Scottsbluff, NE

10.       Susie Haberman              Mitchell, NE



1.         Warriors of the Crimson Pepper Steve Lee              Longmont, CO

2.         Prairie Fire - Jerry Arnold/ Sara Hein                        Scottsbluff NE

3.         White Knuckle Chili - Kyle Haberman                        Scottsbluff NE


Open Chili

1.                  Kyle Haberman                         Scottsbluff, NE

2.                  Steve Lee                               Longmont, CO

3.                  Jerry Arnold                             Scottsbluff, NE

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