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2nd Annual Mountain States Chili Cookoff

Saturday September 17, 2005

Longmont, Colorado


1st Place Green, 1st Place Showmanship

3rd Place Red and.....

1st and 2nd Place Junior Division

Crystal clear skies afforded cooks from five different states fantastic views of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains on this picture perfect September morning.  Cooks who arrived before Dawn were greeted with a surreal view of the landscape as it, and the mountains, were lit up by a full harvest moon. 

27 cooks and 7 juniors came out for this event, which was held at Mountain States Children’s home, a 58-acre farm just north of Longmont Colorado.  Along with the cookoff, a bargain auction was held at the same time.  It is always great to see cooks who are ready to come out and support the work that the Home does with kids.  

With Red Chili, Green Chili and Wings on the menu, the public showed up early. They found themselves surrounded by colorful chili booths, and even more colorful chili cooks.  Of course, they might have been there to pickup some great buys at the auction, as well. 

In addition to the adults vying for points towards Terlingua, Kids ranging in age from 8 to 17 were trying their hand at that perennial favorite, Texas Red.  

At the end of the day, with their chili pots empty, the public sated, and the points tallied, the cooks waited eagerly for announcements. 

The Judges "sweated" it out to pick the top spot in Wings.  But in the end, first time cook, Cory Calvert of Longmont, Colorado walked away with top honors in this category. 

Steve Lee of Longmont, repeated his win from last year by winning the Green Chili competition 

This year, Steve's daughters joined him. His youngest daughter Katie' just 8 years old, took First in the junior division.  His oldest daughter Stephanie took 2nd.  Like father like daughters 

The Lee family won as a group when their Showmanship team the Warriors of the Crimson Pepper pulled down First place. 

Finally, Christi Batie of Loveland Colorado took the coveted top spot at the Cookoff - First Place in Red.  This win was twice as sweet for Christi since it also qualified her for Terlingua. 

Rocky Kimball of Highlands Ranch,CO also qualified for Terlingua with a 6th place pickup and Linda Wilkinson of Loveland, CO qualified for Showmanship – Congratulations to all of our Terlingua Qualifiers. 

We would like to thank all the cooks, judges, sponsors, kids and those people who just love to eat chili, for coming out and supporting this wonderful event.  Through your efforts, We keep helping the Children's Home continue it' wonderful work.  And in the end, that's what it is all about.  -  Thank You!


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Event Photos








  1. Christi Batie – Loveland, CO – (qualified for Terlingua)

  2. John Montgomery – Golden, CO

  3. Steve Lee – Longmont, CO

  4. Robert Guzzo – Arvada, CO (first time cook)

  5. Judy Haberman – Scottsbluff, NE

  6. Rocky Kimball – Highlands Ranch, CO – (qualified for Terlingua)

  7. Kyle Haberman, Scottsbluff, NE

  8. Julia Lampo – Highlands Ranch, CO

  9. Linda Wilkinson - Loveland, CO

  10. Mary Ann Parish – Cheyenne, WY


  1. Warriors of the Crimson Pepper – Steve Lee – Longmont, CO

  2. Blowin in the Wind – Linda Wilkinson – Loveland, CO (qualified for Terlingua)

  3. White Knuckle Chili – Kyle Haberman – Scottsbluff, NE

 Other Categories


  1. Katie Lee – Longmont, CO – 8 years old – the youngest cook in the field –   like father like daughter

  2. Stephanie Lee – Longmont, CO –  like father like daughter (again)

  3. Michael Ailes – Longmont, CO

  4. Kyron Wooley – Longmont, CO

  5. Matthew Ailes – Longmont, CO

  6. Ricky Greene – Longmont, CO

  7. Autumn Millard – Longmont, CO

Green Chili

  1. Steve Lee – Longmont, CO

  2. Gerry Hartshorn – Morrison, CO

  3. Brent Leonard – Aurora, CO


  1. Cory Calvert – Longmont, CO (first time cook)

  2. Karen Hendricks – Broomfield, CO

  3. Ivy Davidson – Longmont, CO (first time cook)


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