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The Business Advocate December 2004
Business Advocate December 2004

Chamber Members in the News - by Sheridan Wolfe

Steve Lee, owner of InterActive Systems & Services. Inc. and chair of the Ambassadors for the Longmont Area Chamber has been doing a lot of chopping, stirring and seasoning of late. 

Mr. Lee accepting first place at Mountain States Children's Home for his Red Chili.  Mr. Lee also took first place for his Green Chili and Showmanship!

   Mr. Lee is an accomplished chili cook, and last month, he placed 19th out of a field of almost 500 also-accomplished chili cooks at the 38th Annual Terlingua Chili Cook-Off. 

     What accounts for his amazing success?  Was it the cut of beef?  The secret seasonings?  "a lot of prayer" answered Mr. Lee.  And a lot of chili cooking.  Over the last year Mr. Lee has been to eighteen different chili-cook off's and accumulated points for his chili at each.  The point total enabled him to qualify for the biggest cook-off of them all in Terlingua. (that's in the Big Bend area of Texas).  2005 is filling up quickly.  One of Mr. Lee's favorite events is the chili cook-off held at Mountain States Children's Home, just east of Longmont, tentatively scheduled for September.  It's all part of his desire to cook great chili and help non-profits raise funds.  Mr. Lee belongs to the Colorado Chili Pod.  A non-profit organization that "makes a difference through chili" by helping charitable organizations around the country make money with chili cookoffs.  For more information please see Mr. Lee's website at, yes he even has a website dedicated to his chili endeavors.


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