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24th Annual Colorado State Chili Championship

24th Annual Colorado State

Chili Cookoff

Saturday, June 23rd, 2007

Grand Lake, Colorado


1st Place Showmanship, 6th Place Red


 In the 1890's it was the promise of gold and silver that brought thousands of miners to the Colorado Mountains.  Today it was the chance to qualify for the 41st Annual Terlingua International Chili Cookoff.  Cooks traveled from Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, and New Mexico.  A postcard perfect day greeted them for the 24th Annual Colorado State Chili Championship in Grand Lake Colorado.  Mother Nature cooperated with calm winds and fair temperatures

   This event is a true community affair.  Since it was benefiting the local Fire and Rescue units, there was a fantastic turnout from the Fire Department.  But not to be outdone, the Park Rangers from nearby Rocky Mountain National Park showed up along with their equestrian unit in full search and rescue gear.  To this the Fire Department answered by raising their ladders high into the sky over the cookoff, giving us some stellar photographs of the cookoff site.  

  Before long, the cooks were busy chopping and stirring while the aroma of simmering chili filled the air.  Current TICC Champion Dana Plocheck was also on hand to enjoy the day’s festivities. Public attendance was excellent. They listened to exceptional Bluegrass music while strolling through the vendor areas and of course enjoying the wonderful showmanship displayed by the cooks. There was Beer, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, and Bratwursts to be had.  Along with some world class Red and Green chili! 

  Soon the Judges were at work.  They had the hardest job of the day, not to mention the most flavorful.  Deciding from among so many exceptional chili’s, has to be a chore. 

There was a bit of excitement just before announcements.  It seems that an unnamed Great Pepper from Colorado “misplaced” his ticket for his red chili.  When a feverish search did not produce the errant ticket, he resigned himself to the fates. 

In the end, Dana Plocheck from Houston Texas won out over the rest of the competition, and showing us why she is the TICC champion. 

John Montgomery from Golden Colorado was an extremely close second. 

 Remember that “misplaced” ticket – Third Place went Unclaimed.

 Steve Lee, of Longmont Colorado, and his “Warriors of the Crimson Pepper” took top honors in Showmanship.  Followed by Karen Hendricks with God Bless America

 Green Chili was won by Ron Williams of Farmington New Mexico while Doug Ingerson of Broomfield Colorado took the 2nd place spot

 The Colorado Chili Pod would like to thank the organizers, sponsors, cooks and everybody who showed up to make this event successful. 

 Be sure to mark your calendars for next year’s event.

A Celebration of 25 years - The 25th Annual Colorado State Chili Championship!



For a slideshow of this wonderful event, press on the button below

Event Photos






And now to the Winners:










Dana Plocheck

Houston, Texas



John Montgomery

Golden, Colorado







Mike Parker

Trinidad, Colorado



John Reed

Littleton, Colorado



Steve Lee

Longmont, Colorado



Cary Plocheck

Houston, Texas



Christi Batie

Loveland, Colorado



Rocky Kimball

Highlands Ranch, Colorado



Kyle Haberman

Scottsbluff, Nebraska



















Ron Williams

Farmington, New Mexico



Doug Ingerson

Broomfield, Colorado



John Montgomery

Golden, Colorado



















Steve Lee 

Warriors of the Crimson Pepper

Longmont, Colorado


Karen Hendricks

God Bless America

Broomfield, Colorado


Michael Booth


Conifer, Colorado


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